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Durable Sponge Head : They will not spread or break as easily as ordinary sponges. This kitchen sponges brush can be used for a long time even if you scrub stubborn oil stains. Rinse with water and a little detergent after each use, they will dry quickly and will not smell. Our dish wand sponge is a durable product. Pay attention to storage after use, do not store in a damp state for a long time.
Multi-Purpose Cleaning Sponge : This dish wand sponge can easily and effectively clean your dishes, sinks, bathrooms, etc. Of course, these are all non-scratch sponges. It is an indispensable tool in your daily life.
Convenient Operation : Gently push the dish brush against the small hole in the dish wand sponge. Unscrew the cover on the end of the handle and fill with cleaning fluid. The clean sponge will automatically absorb the cleaning fluid on the handle, so there is no need to pour the cleaning fluid on the sponge manually.
Excellent Sense of Use : Smooth handle, ergonomic, can be better grasped, is a good helper when you complete the cleaning work. Like clean sink kitchen dishes etc. There is also a small circle at the end of the handle, which can be hung on the wall for more convenient storage.


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