Manual Sweeping Broom 360 Degree Rotating

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Roto Sweep is a manual sweeper by Fuller Brush Co. This rotating brush broom safely cleans tile and hardwood floors without the need of cords, batteries, bags or dustpans.

As Seen On TV Roto Sweep triple rotating brushes rotate 360 degrees to loosen, lift, and channel the dirt and debris into the built-in, easy to empty dust pan. The convenient fold flat, pivoting handle allows you to easily reach under furniture and in hard to reach places. Although the Roto Sweep is lightweight, weighing less than 2 pounds, is can easily clean up those everyday messes. And, no cords, bags or batteries to mess with. Compact for easy storage.

Roto Sweep glides over floors effortlessly and quietly, perfect for cleaning while the baby is sleeping or while watching TV.


Safe to use it on tile, marble, linoleum, hardwood with no scuffing or scratching!
360 degree rotating brush with high-speed rotation to touchdown rubbish dust swept into the dustbin.
Broom, Dustpan and Trash Bin 3 in 1.
It has the handle with adjustable length Cleaning is very convenient.
With the foldable handle, it’s easy to reach hard-to-reach places and makes storage simple.
Easy to use, even the children. When using this broom, you do not have to bend, only need to push forward.



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